Why do I need to provide an address?

We ask for an address so we can find the area to be checked. The service tells you the flood risk for an area, not a specific property. Find out how the search works at Understanding your flood risk.

Why is the postcode I entered not accepted?

The postcode must be a full valid Scottish postcode, for example, FK9 4TZ. If you are unsure of a postcode you can check it at Royal Mail's postcode finder

How do I check an area without a postcode?

You can go directly to the flood map and use the map controls to find the place you need. The flood map also has a search facility that allows you to search for a placename as well as a postcode.

Where can I see flood risk areas?

When you receive the flood risk information for an area, links are provided to go to the flood map showing the selected flood risk source. Or you can go directly to the flood map .

How do I use the flood maps for land use planning?

You can use the flood maps to check whether the site or building that you want to develop is in an area at flood risk. You can also use it to look for areas where there is no flood risk, where development would be safer. You can find some land use planning guidance on what to submit with your planning application if it is in or close to a flood risk area.