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Layer: Wild Salmonid Protection Zones (ID: 13)

Name: Wild Salmonid Protection Zones

Display Field: wspz_name

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: The greatest risk of large numbers of salmon being infested with harmful levels of sea lice is during their passage, as small post-smolts, through sea lochs and other confined areas of sea at the start of their migration to oceanic feeding grounds.No specific migration routes are known for West Coast sea trout post-smolts but the limited information available suggests predominantly inshore and local use of coastal waters.To target protection where potential risk is greatest, we have identified a network of WSPZs along the West Coast and around the Western Isles. The network includes the following areas:All sea lochs into which salmon rivers drain.Sounds through which salmon populations are likely to migrate.Sea areas within 5 km radius of all salmon river mouths, irrespective of whether the river drains into a sea loch or sound.All areas of sea within 5 km of rivers designated for the protection of freshwater pearl mussels. This includes salmon rivers but excludes non-salmon rivers. In the latter, trout act as the sole hosts in the lifecycle of the mussels. Many of the WSPZs have fish farms already located in or near them; and, because of their water currents, have potential to accumulate higher concentrations of infective-stage sea lice than more open sea areas.This feature class was derived from SEPAs Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) Coastal and Transitional water bodies. The water bodies were created using the OS boundary line High Water dataset, OS Open Map Local dataset and UKHO Open Data 3 nautical mile limit.

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Copyright Text: © Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Contains OS data Copyright Crown copyright [and database right].

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